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Design a Booklet on an artist or designer 

R K Joshi

Professor R K Joshi Designer, Artist, Teacher, Calligrapher and Poet passionately contributed a life time of work towards Indian typography and type design. He developed an interest in alphabets, their shapes, styles and design. In 1952, he decided to study art at Sir J.J. Institute of Applied Art, Mumbai. During this time, he found a scarcity of typefaces in Indian languages.


This color palette evokes a sense of calm and soothing effect in contrast with passion and courage. The black  belongs to him as his interest in calligraphy. Red depicts his vibrant and energetic personality.


Crop marks

Booklet spreads

 The  concept of Advaitvad (Non- Dualism) defined by him, this huge calligraphic stroke is showcasing the same concept. 


Disclaimer: All the information in the book have been taken from the various websites. 

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